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Termite Damage Claims Attorney in Mobile, Alabama

Many homeowners in Alabama are familiar with the problem of termites. Every year, these destructive insects cause millions of dollars in damages to residential and commercial properties across the state. Homeowners and business owners hire pest control companies to help them with termite prevention and control. However, not all of these companies provide effective treatment and prevention services, which leaves their customers’ properties exposed to termite infestations and significant damage.  

Our experienced termite damage claims attorney at The Seawell Firm, LLC, helps homeowners in Mobile, Alabama, and the surrounding area fight for your deserved compensation from insurance companies. We assist clients throughout the claims process to restore their properties and peace of mind. Our attorney represents clients throughout Mobile County, Baldwin County, Daphne, and Fairhope.  

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Identifying Termite Damage in Alabama

Alabama homes can be exposed to two types of termites: drywood termites and subterranean termites. However, there is also a third type called Southeastern drywood termite, which is commonly seen in homes in southern parts of the state. While any residential or commercial property can be at risk for termite infestation, properties that struggle with poor ventilation or water drainage are more likely to experience termite problems.  

Termite damage does not usually happen overnight. Some of the most common signs of termite problems include: 

  • Termite tunnels, which resemble muddy tubes and are commonly seen near the house foundation 

  • Wood damage 

  • Cracks in beams 

  • Holes in walls and wood 

  • Hollow sounding wood 

  • Sagging floors 

  • Buckling walls and/or ceilings 

  • Shedded wings of termites 

  • Termite droppings, which typically measure only 0.04 inches long 

If you notice any of these signs, do not hesitate to notify your landlord (if you are a renter) immediately and contact a pest control company to help you deal with the termite problem before it causes irreparable damage to your property. You will want to work with an attorney to help you document the damage and take the necessary steps to recover compensation. Our termite damage claims attorney in Mobile, Alabama, can evaluate your particular situation and advise you on the legal options available to you.  

Alabama Laws and Regulations Pertaining to Termite Damage Claims

Alabama, like no other state in the country, takes termite treatment very seriously. The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries governs the following: 

  • Regulations and laws regarding the use of pesticides 

  • The application of pesticides on residential and commercial properties 

  • Maintenance of records regarding the use of pesticides 

In Alabama, representatives of pest control companies can be found guilty of a crime for knowingly violating the state’s laws and regulations regarding the use and application of pesticides. Alabama’s laws also allow consumers to file lawsuits against pest control companies when their properties suffer from termite damage. However, in order to prevail, the consumer must prove any of the following (or other) violations: 

  • Failure to perform termite treatment in accordance with the state’s laws and regulations 

  • Performing termite treatment without a contract 

  • Failure to retreat an active termite infestation 

As a consumer, you can hold a pest control company accountable for your damages and losses by filing a written form with the Department of Agriculture. In the form, you will be asked to provide information such as the name of the pest control company, whether or not a contract was signed, what services were provided, and others.  

Obtaining Compensation for Termite Damage

If your property suffered damage from termite infestation, you might wonder if your homeowner’s insurance will cover the damages and losses. Unfortunately, if you file a homeowner’s insurance claim for termite damage, your claim will most likely be denied. That is because most homeowner’s insurance policies contain clauses that exclude coverage for termite damage. However, it does not mean you cannot obtain compensation for the costly repairs.  

First of all, a skilled termite damage claims attorney can help you find loopholes in your insurance policy or explore other ways to get around clauses that specifically exclude termite damage. Second of all, you may be able to recover damages through litigation.  

Your best course of action when it comes to obtaining compensation for termite damage depends on your circumstances. Below are some common examples of liability in termite damage cases: 

  1. You are a renter. If you are a renter, you may be able to hold your landlord liable for the termite-related damages if you can prove that termite infestation is the result of their negligence (e.g., failure to maintain the property in good condition).  

  1. You purchased a home just recently. You recently purchased your home and are now experiencing termite problems, you might be able to file a lawsuit against the seller and/or home inspector for failure to inform you of termite infestation.  

  1. You hired a pest control company but it did not help. If you have been working with a pest control company and termite prevention was one of the services they provide, you may be able to sue the company for their failure to stop the termite infestation.   

As you can see, your options for compensation depend heavily on your individual circumstances. You may want to contact an experienced attorney to investigate your case and help you fight for the compensation to which you are entitled through all available means.  

Working With an Attorney for Termite Damage Claims

At The Seawell Firm, LLC, we work with homeowners and business owners to help them recover not only the cost of repairs but also any collateral damages, such as diminished property value and – if your commercial property was exposed to termite infestation – business interruption damages.  

Our attorney has a thorough understanding of Alabama’s laws and regulations pertaining to termite damage and pest control. We also have the necessary experience in negotiating with insurance companies to ensure that the clients we represent receive a fair and full settlement. We can guide you through the termite damage claims process and provide you with compassionate support at every step to fight for the compensation you deserve.   

Termite Damage Claims Attorney Serving Mobile, Alabama

At The Seawell Firm, LLC, we understand that dealing with termite damage can be emotionally and financially draining. That is why our termite damage claims attorney in Mobile, Alabama, is committed to providing strong advocacy and personalized attention to each client he represents. If your property suffered from termite damage, contact our office today to request a consultation and find out how to proceed with your claim for compensation.